A KPI May Be Your Call Center’s Silent Killer

What Call Center KPI may be a silent killer

Do you wonder why you still have open slots on the board even though ServiceTitan shows your CSRs book 91% of the ”leads”? You’re not alone, yesterday one of our clients was wondering about the same misleading KPI. Not understanding ServiceTitan Booking rates might be your call center’s silent killer. 

The following is the explanation we provided. It’s based on real data rounded for simplicity:

You currently get 2,000 total calls in a month. There’s no room for interpretation, ServiceTitan counts that number.

At the end of the month, your CSRs report that 286 are bookable, and book 260 of them. Again, there is no room for interpretation, ServiceTitan counts that number.

That gives us a self-reported ~ 91% ServiceTitan Booking rate. This is a subjective number based on the opinions of the CSRs, who have no incentive to grade themselves poorly on what is and isn’t an opportunity. They would probably consider it more if they better understood its impact on the business. 

The CSRs booked 260 of those calls, giving us a DataTurk Raw Booking rate of ~ 13% (260 out of 2,000 calls). We do this to remove any subjective opinions about those incoming calls. 

Deduct 260 from 2,000 and that leaves 1,740 non-leads classified as:

Excused ~ 920  /  Not a lead  ~ 794  /  Unbooked ~26

Were they all not bookable or excusable? If so, congratulations, your CSRs booked 91% of the available opportunities. It assumes that the rest are junk calls.

What would happen if you, the owner, were answering those calls?

1,714 calls were not part of the ServiceTitan bookable opportunities. It’s hard to explain that all these callers seem to be calling just to chat. 

If you, the owner, answered each call could you book 140 more calls in the month, or approximately six more a day? Those six extra booked calls daily would bring you up to a 20% DT Raw Booking rate. A 20% DataTurk booking rate is a solid performance.

What’s the difference between a 13% and a 20% DT Booking Rate regarding potential revenue? This client’s 140 additional appointments represent $611,800 in potential revenue for the month, based on their average sold estimate of $4,370.

Most DataTurk.ai clients in the HVAC business have a DT Raw Booking rate of 18-21%.   

The DT Raw Booking rate is a more objective KPI you can use to understand what’s happening in your call center. The ST Booking rate assumes your CSRs categorize every call correctly. It would be best if you knew precisely what percentage of calls were genuine opportunities but short of that, comparing total calls to booked calls means you are constantly comparing apples to apples.

You invest meaningful money and effort in making your phone ring, so the KPI you listen to should be equally meaningful.


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