Our ideal partner knows how to help their home services clients businesses really well. They know their client uses ServicesTitan as their field management solution. While ServiceTitan is an amazing suite of tools to manage your call center, day-to-day operations, and field techs, it is not the easiest platform to pull data from and analyze that data for meaningful insights

That’s where we come in.

1. Our data science analysis and machine learning algorithms work through all the service data to make it easier for you to have more rational and meaningful metrics for your use.  We’ll even put together custom metric boards for you to deliver your insights.

2. You tell us what custom metrics and analysis you are looking for from the data collected in ServiceTitan.

3. Your client benefits from having been briefed on the data. You have the option of delivering the metric boards and briefing the client yourself, have us join you to discuss the metrics with your client, or just have us deliver the briefing to your client while you are hands off on the data.

4. We handle all the technical aspects – you get the credit and compensation for your expertise and delivery to the client.