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Business, not IN it. helps business owners take strategic action on the enormous amount of data within ServiceTitan™️. We provide a done-for-you-service that supplies the insights you need to grow your home services trade business. identifies the best opportunities for how to improve your results. In just a few minutes each month, you’ll receive invaluable guidance, motivation, and accountability to help you and your team drive progress.

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Work ON your business, not IN it.’s power tools help us analyze and make sense of your data. What good is a bunch of data you are collecting if it isn’t simplified into insights that help you take the actions that grow your business? By using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, we identify patterns and important information from your data. invests the time crunching thousands of data points to identify areas where prospective customers encounter friction and drop-off, leading to lost opportunities. We rank these challenges based on the potential dollar impact and effort required to address them. This empowers you, the business owner, to make data-driven decisions on where to focus your efforts to maximize the impact on revenue and minimize effort.

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DataTurk is designed to deal with business owners. This provides vital information that they can use to grow and delight customers, fix systems, and continuously make their companies more valuable and rewarding, both for them and any future buyers.

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