Business Intelligence for Everyone

We aren’t waiting for everyone to become “data literate.” We assume they aren’t, and won’t be for a long time.

Business intelligence (“BI”) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and delivering actionable information to help owners, executives, and managers make informed business decisions. 

BI tools are traditionally used by larger organizations because smaller ones lack the skills, budgets, and teams to use them. Tableau calls itself the world’s leading analytics platform. According to industry leader Tableau, “…the real power of BI tools lies in the hands of the BI team. These are the people who run the BI software, make sense of the data, and pull out useful insights that can help shape important business decisions and boost business performance.

Many SMB companies invest in BI because they are hungry for insight and hopeful about data-driven decision-making. Even though they don’t have an experienced BI team to interpret the numbers, however, they find themselves poorer and busier. They are now inundated with data and stunning visualizations that fail to help them make better business decisions. Makes BI Accessible to SMBs’s unique done-for-you-service approach is about simplicity. We don’t provide more exploratory interfaces in which to get lost. We aren’t waiting for everyone to become “data literate.” We assume they aren’t, and won’t be for a long time. 

We help our partners shine by emphasizing simple narratives instead of overwhelming amounts of reports, numbers, and graphs. We avoid cognitive overload by prioritizing the most powerful insights, and making them easily accessible to the average SMB owner and manager.

Coaches, training, technology, and financial partners use tools to monitor performance and identify opportunities. offers custom-tailored workflows to channel partners who provide their clients with simplified, digestible slices of analysis. Our channel partners use our analytics to enrich their clients’ experiences. 

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